Mystic Nails Acrylic System

Liquid Blue monomer enables you to create long, strong, beautiful nail enhancements. This liquid intensifies and fixes the acrylic powders active pigments to ensure colour stability and prevent any yellowing. The combination of Mystic Nails acrylic powders and Liquid Blue provides absolute continuous control and durable nail sculpting without lifting.

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Extreme Sculpting forms 50ct
Extreme Sculpting forms 50ct We currently only have these in packs of 50 forms, so if you buy 3 p..
Fast Dry Dry Top Coat
Fast Dry Dry Top Coat ..
Mystic Acrylic Try Me Kit
Mystic Acrylic Try Me Kit Try the new Mystic Products for a great Trial Price of just £40+ VAT ..
Mystic Nails Acrylic starter Kit
Mystic Nails Acrylic Starter Kit You are going to be thrilled with this little beauty!!! We are o..
Powder Clear 5ml
Powder Clear 5ml ..
Out of Stock
Powder Colour 03
Powder Colour 03 ..
Powder X White 30ml
Powder X White 30ml ..
Sculpting Form 250ct - Salon Forms
Mystic Salon Nail Forms - 250 Forms Features: premium quality fiber-reinforced paper supe..
Out of Stock
Sculpting Form 500ct - Salon Forms
Mystic Salon Nail Forms - 500 Forms BEST VALUE ROLL OF FORMS! Features: premium quality ..
Sun Block Top Coat
Sun Block Top Coat ..
Universal Brush Cleaner 50ml
Universal Brush Cleaner 50ml ..
Powder Clear 15ml
Powder Clear 15ml ..
Out of Stock
Powder Colour 02
Powder Colour 02 ..
Powder Clear 30ml
Powder Clear 30ml Buy bigger and save money! Our new in stock 30ml Powder clear is ESSENTIAL to y..
Out of Stock