Be Creative, Inspired by Sam Biddle

... a range of fine nail art products from Sam Biddle.

Renowned for her innovative and unique nail art designs, Sam is a high profile Independent Global Educator in the nail industry.  She travels all over the world inspiring nail technicians to produce fabulous nail art for their customers.

Her nail art techniques have been used by some of the world's leading session technicians and feature heavily in trade magazines; she now brings her experience and expertise to bear in a range of own-brand nail art tools, paints and gels.

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Hidden Depths - Bewitched ..
Hidden Depths - Dreams ..
Hidden Depths - Lace  ..
Hidden Depths - Spellbound ..
Hidden Depths - Tulle ..
Gel Paint
Choose your colour from our primaries collection. No Shimmer, no glitter just true colour. Remember ..
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