Baby Pink Gel 15g
  • Baby Pink Gel 15g
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Brand: Mystic Nails
Product Code: MYC025

Pink colored, not translucent one-phase builder gel which keeps its color after curing.

Is NUDE your color?

Then use this builder gel to sculpt the nail as when you cover with a nude color it will be much deeper and more homogenous.

BABY BOOM for everybody!

Combine with Milky White Gel to achieve the elegant and stylish Baby Boom effect.

·       easy to follow the sculpting on the form as it is not transparent
·       medium viscosity
·       self-levelling
·       can be pinched well

Note: This gel might be a bit more self-levelling then other builder gels while curing in the lamp.

Curing times:
UV: 2 min.
CCFL: 40 sec.

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