Party Pigment Collection

A 6pc collection of glittery shimmery pigment like no other!

Sparkle has a whole new meaning with our Party Pigments! Colour that literally moves with the light! Tiny particles of pigment, finer than sand, sit flat on the nail and reflect light - giving you the thinnest possible glitter effect!

This collection will turn heads, stop people in their tracks and be just plain distracting!  Party Pigments fit beautifully into your design nails repertoire ... over dark colours or pale shades - the looks you can achieve are endless, the possibilities limitless.

Apply just as you would any of our pigments, on top of gel polish or within nail art ... with no bulk!

GOSSIP A holographic gold glitter. Combine with GUESS WHAT! or OMG for a different look every time. No pre-mixing, just pick up a dry brush and gently tap the glitter so it falls into the wet inhibition layer.

OMG A seriously silver holographic glitter that will have you saying ‘OMG’ every time you look at it!

GUESS WHAT! A secret weapon - a green/gold glitter pigment. Apply over a dark colour for a green shade with a fine gold accent … or use over a nude, white or paler colours for a subtle gold glitter effect.

GASP! A blue pigment, similar to the Chameleon pigment - when applied over a dark colour you benefit from an intense blue enhanced by the finest of blue glitter particles.

XOXO because you will love using this Lilac pigment. Applied over a dark colour this most beautiful of glitter pigments will appear as an intense pink; over a white or other light shade the glitter simply dances on your fingertips like tiny fairies.

DID YOU KNOW? We have been asked for it and now we have it - Black! With a little extra! This semi-opaque pigment is laced with a fine sliver of silver. Over a dark colour you will find it adds a different dimension to the colour … and the fine particles mean you can work it over the lightest of shades to create a perfect ombré.

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